Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tea making coconut milk mixed simple but delicious

Hot summer is that the time that the dish was topped, coconut milk tea mixed particles appeared long however you recognize do dish super delicious, super cool, however additionally super straightforward to try and do this yet? not, or seek advice from the subsequent steps of "What to eat tonight," offline!
Raw ready coconut milk mixed steamed tea for four servings:
180g inexperienced beans shelled
300g black beans; 300g white beans; 300g red beans.
400ml coconut milk
500g sugar
How to cook coconut milk tea mixed for four servings:
1 Preliminary material:
Beans and white beans soak long to wherever black beans square measure change of state tastier loose not be crude, inexperienced beans washed with heat water soak for regarding a pair of hours.
2 The steps are:
Step 1: Prepare the inexperienced beans:
- North pot pour one l of water to the boil then add the inexperienced beans to simmer for 15-20 minutes. Add 50g of sugar to simmer for 10-15 minutes. Weaving shed drained chickpeas and place in an exceedingly mixer, puree.
Step 2: Prepare black beans and red
- Discard the soaking water pour beans into a cooking pan of water one.5l simmer beans for twenty minutes to 9. Add fifty sugar, boil. Off the room, black beans soaked in water for quarter-hour this fashion then spilled resolute dry. Do likewise with red beans.
Step 3: Prepare the coconut milk
- Heat the coconut milk with 50g of sugar to simmer for 10-15 minutes. Stirring each hands and place them aside. severally hierarchic within the cup beans into a unique category for food become prettier.
Thus we've completed coconut milk dish mixed with the scent of coconut causes you to arduous to resist the charm, currently simply coconut milk and crushed ice in and revel in it.
Note once coconut milk mixed porridge:
- the way to opt for tasty black beans: black beans after you choose "Tonight eat" advocate selecting black beans, little grains, beans horizontal overlapping pale blue heart is tasty and sweet beans.
- steamed black beans simmered fast: after you use steamed beans rice cooking utensil to cook would build in no time jelly beans Light: you switch beans into the rice cooking utensil to cook button bean wait five minutes, you reach boiling water for beans less great-grandchildren chat then you add water and cook once more. this point to boil for ten minutes, then incubated thirty min button switch. Finally you turn on and wait another twenty minutes to cook the beans square measure terribly tender offline.
After the time of day day heat a cup of tea that's mixed with coconut milk, then what square measure you anyway. note dish mixed coconut milk in change of state manuals right of you. I want you success!
Location: Hoa Kỳ