Thursday, June 25, 2015

2 fruit juice for summer heat

Just pay a bit time with two ways in which to try and do this juice you'll have the cool glass of juice to each relish this summer!
1. Juice strawberry:
To make drinkable with strawberries, you must prepare the subsequent materials:
- 700g strawberries kind to (choose recent fruit, not crushing, cordiform, and therefore the stalks and inexperienced stations, not select left white spots or green)
- Squeezed juice of two lemons
- 500ml water
- 50g of sugar. reckoning on style and acidity of the strawberries that you just a lot of or less impulsive method offline.
- one slice of recent lemon
- Tools: sieve, blender, glasses, cups

Strawberries, washed, cut the stems and inexperienced stations, drain and boost double.
For all ingredients strawberries, water and juice into a mixer puree.
Filter out the mixture through a sieve strawberry.
Now you only want the juice into a glass, to style you'll be able to add a number of tablespoons of sugar and stir, add ice to chill drinks terribly cold, don't forget to brighten a lot of slices of recent lemon offline! Strawberries square measure sensible sources of antioxidant tremendous, Mn is luxuriant, supply of fiber, iodine is sweet for the body, sensible for the systema alimentarium and facilitate cut back steroid alcohol. Place juice makes a delicious tasty strawberry over.

2. fruit crush:
To make drinkable with grapes, you must prepare the subsequent materials:
- 350g recent grapes
- 1 lemon
- ½ tiny ginger
- 250ml water
- Street (optional to style and acidity of the grapes that you simply} just mouth wedge for me)
- Tools: sieve, blender, glasses, cups

Grapes wash and drain. Thinly sliced ​​peeled ginger, for all the ingredients: grape, ginger and water into a mixer, puree.
Strain through a sieve, squeeze juice mixed fruit crush, ginger, add a bit sugar and stir well.
Place a number of ice cubes in, ornamental glass recent lemon in your mouth and style the juice and recent grapes. the mixture of grapes, lemon and ginger offer you engaging drink delicious, is used throughout exercise keep match, yoga or walk. Ginger helps heat the body and cut back symptoms of nausea.

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