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How do lotus leaf sticky rice steamed chicken tasty and nutritious for your family

How do lotus leaf sticky rice steamed chicken you have ever detected. Lotus flavor hidden in every county Bluebird pale sticky rice, chicken hidden in alimentary food to create up the acquainted options of the rural area. Summer bring the warmth like burning, slightly little bit of chicken cool sweet, a mild hint of hand-held bar as early because the wind blew exhausting, processing the warmth.
Raw materials required for this dish

+ Soy sauce; pepper; Oyster; 5 spice powder; 15ml cookery wine; cornstarch; cookery oil; salt
+ four boneless  chicken thighs, torn into little items
+ four bowl of sticky rice; five lotus leaves soaked in water, and convey halved
+ cut ginger, inexperienced onions, recent mushrooms (5 pcs)
How do lotus leaf sticky rice steamed chicken
Along 7monngonmoingay share slightly bit regarding the key of the lotus leaf sticky rice steamed chicken and revel in the delicious style of dishes can you do?
Step 1: Wash the rice completely, then drain. Wait a pair of hours soaking rice to rice mixed with soy bloom then. We'll bring four chickens drumstick bones removed just about to combine the ingredients in. combine the spices very were existing to soak them and convey chicken bowl place within the white goods.
Step 2: At following material handling Here! For mushrooms, we are going to divide into a pair of to sauté mushrooms for additional water quicker. produce several countries can lose the style of sticky you win?! simply flip cooked mushrooms in frying pan till bronzed and saute the fish out and essentially in this order. Once deep-fried and might place them in a very bowl conjointly. Let the pan on the stove, add oil so sit up for previous hot oil. Then I deep-fried chicken, don't forget the ingredients like mushrooms, inexperienced onions and spices offline. simply sauté many minutes is feasible north out already.
Step 3: Bring the chicken mixed with rice soaked in lotus leaves were washed. Package rectangular leaf and punctiliously tighten to the steamed lotus leaf fallen out. Well, you must note that pre-strip slightly oil on the leaves before the viscous rice into offline! Finally delectable steamed away and that we might wait finished cavalier.
The steps to try and do easy however extraordinarily effective and fast relish your stay! wherever it takes the thought sooner or later to arrange everything, refined material, right? this can be a delicious and alimentary foods that you just ought to do to nourish the members of his family. however referred to as a decent woman of the house? it had been housewife will bring family alimentary dishes you win?!
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