Thursday, June 25, 2015

guide cafe delicious milk tea

You will love however this milk tea by identical time you'll get pleasure from the delicious style of the three in one tea, milk and coffee!
To do it the approach milk tea and low flavor, you wish to organize the ingredients as follows:
- a pair of bag teabag: customise your selection of tea class with its own flavor you like, like lemon tea, strawberry tea, ginger tea, fruit teas ... These typically with girls. For men you ought to opt for tea leaf a pair of baggage.
- one bag of instant low
- 250ml milk
- 100ml milk
- 200ml water
- a pair of tablespoons sugar (optional you wish to drink sweet or not sugar additions)
Step 1:
In the teashop, for simplicity, it's typically ready the ingredients in separate containers, as necessary, pour into a jar and artificial like cocktail shaking. This approach simplified and quick. however additional subtle, your milk tea tastier. initial you provide milk to boil atiny low fireplace to boil the milk and simmer for twenty seconds, then close up the warmth.
Step 2:
Dip 2 tea baggage into the milk and gently raise up and down repeatedly, flap tea bag for the milk is absorbed. Skip 2 trash baggage for tea and sugar that goes into stir as before long because the hot milk. Then Closed cup milk tea, tea avoid evaporation out.
Step 3:
Phase one bag of instant low with plight 200ml. Use one sieve with tiny eyes to filter low in a very larger bowl containing.
Pour through a sieve and milk melding with the filtered low with. If you employ full cream powdered milk, then mixed with 100ml plight.
Step 4:
Finally you combine containing milk tea in steps one and a pair of to the filtered milk low bowl, stir, cowl closed till it's cooled down for tea within the cool icebox compartment. completely not cooled quickly by the open ice or heat solfa syllable can lose aroma of tea.
With milk tea and tea incense Closed keep this natural cooling, milk tea can style each tasty tea, milk with low flavor. you'll combine and place within the icebox prepared for simple use once required. The style excellent once exploitation cold!

It's fascinating that at identical time you'll get pleasure from a three in one with tea, milk and low that you simply love! A cool milk tea excellent for summer days haven't you?

Location: Hoa Kỳ