Tuesday, June 23, 2015

5 drinks for summer cooling pole

With the acquainted fruits like lemon, grapefruit, watermelon ... you only would like some preparation stage, there's a awfully enticing drinks, cooling in summer.
Cool mint fruit drink:
Lemon contains vitamin C helps increase the body's resistance, lovely skin and plenty of alternative uses.
The ingredients you wish to prepare: 3 recent lemon, sugar, mint leaves, ice, water.
Step 1: place the sugar in three cups water soluble.
Step 2: provide the bottle mint leaves, crushed or spoon may be placed in a very liquidizer. Then take 2 recent lemon juiced, seeded. The remaining lemon slices to brighten.
Step 3: combine the sugar, recent juice within the bottle with crushed mint leaves.
Step 4: Add the ice cubes and luxuriate in.
Grapefruit juice and honey
Grapefruit may be a favorite fruit has several uses, like resistance to daylight area unit sensible for your skin, change state o.k. and particularly the treatment of polygenic disease.
Ingredients: ½ grapefruit, a pair of tablespoons of honey and to a small degree rock.
Step 1: Grapefruit once separation zone and county pocket, for shrimps grapefruit in mechanical device to feature honey in water. If you would like to drink sweet, you'll be able to add to a small degree sugar.
Step 2: Add the ice cubes and luxuriate in

Pineapple smoothie milk:
Pineapple fruits all year spherical, simply twist is that you just get a nutrient drinks and exotic. This drink with vitamins C, E, sodium, iron and atomic number 20 ... the simplest performance with weakening diseases, constipation, skin once sun exposure, helps craving.
Raw: a pineapple, 350 millilitre milk, one tablespoon honey, ice cubes.
Step 1: Pineapple stark naked, washed and place away the inner circle within
Step 2: place in liquidizer to puree.
Step 3: Add the honey so as to scale back the acidity of the pineapple then add milk and stir well.
Step 4: enable further very little kick to complete smoothie.

Orange juice, carrots, honey:
Oranges, carrots, honey is sweet for the body as a result of they supply decent nutriment necessary.
Raw materials for juice dishes include: a pair of recent oranges, 1 carrot, 10ml honey, ice cubes.
Step 1: Commit washed, halved, water pressure.
Step 2: Carrots wash, peel cell, thick chunk standing, water pressure.
Step 3: flip the honey, fruit juice, juice in glass to separate the layers.
Step 4: Finally the ice on prime, adorned with flower trim carrots.
Glass of fruit juice, carrots, honey cool can assist you "defeated" the new summer days.

Fruit tea:
Fruit tea is a simple to form delicious drinks, that uses cooling summer day.
For fruit tea, you need: five berries, 1 apple, 30g pineapple, one pack tea baggage, 2 lemon, honey 30ml, 1,2l of water, ice cubes.
Step 1: Soak completely wash the fruit, then cut strawberry, pineapple and apple items formed into little items, cut the lemon into skinny slices.
Step 2: place the pineapple, strawberries and apples in a very cooking pan, add water and boil.
Step 3: once the water is hot, the tea bag in and boil for five minutes.
Step 4: once the tea has cooled down tan equally and water, hard candy and add honey, stir, let cool is drinkable.
Step 5: provide additional ice into the drink cold for cooling throughout hot days.

Note: you'll be able to alter the quantity of honey for sweetness because the normal.
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