Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pearl milk tea that delicious homemade Safety

Pearl milk tea with home-cured you uncalled-for worry problems with food safety, however she still has delicious snack no but outside the jive!

You need to organize the subsequent materials for creating pearl milk tea:

100g flour

50g chocolate

50g sugar

Tea bag with style preferences

Sweetened milk

Mix flour with chocolate, sugar, all for real.

Old hot boil water, pour the water into the flour slowly, stirring with chopsticks hot meal for fewer then a block of dough till swish supple, not sticky.

Members dough into tiny pellets. If the user doesn't finish once this step you'll be able to absorb the Deepfreeze to preserve, once food is brought out cooked pearl offline!

Boil water, the pearl on the boil till the increase, get rid of the bowl of cold water.

Tea bag with predicament.

Air Shake or tea with milk till dissolved, then the style of sweetness looking on the storage compartment icebox cool.
When you get to drink milk tea, that is created of pearl on pearl milk tea and cool!
Pearl milk tea scented teas, sweet and creamy style of milk, the pearls, the toughness and funky undoubtedly causes you to glad and not fears any drawback. once lots of your time you are doing a trifle pearl, continually desire simply milk tea is created delicious drinks and cooling.

ChĂșc these you succeed!